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Sad face today. Tonight will be the last show for 'The Morning Moose Show.' The Twitch version is ending after the terrestrial radio version ended in October 2020. This COULD be the end of my 25+ years in broadcasting. Who knows? What does this have to do with voiceover? A lot, actually. I essentially got my start in voiceover while working in radio. It basically all started with a couple of commercial tags here and there while interning at Oldies 100 in Washington DC. Every radio station I worked at from there on would involve some sort of commercial production which involved some voiceover work. So you can see how the two have been intertwined for most of my professional life. Now it's on to focus exclusively on voicework. The end of the show will free up my Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights for those last minute auditions or client revisions that would have had to wait until the next morning.

For years the goal was always to be a full time voiceactor from home and not need the radio gig. Come August, the kids will be in actual school for the first time since winter of 2020 so now I'll have a (mostly) full day to put towards my voice work. And with no show I can add a couple more hours to that for each of those days. Still though, I guess it's akin to when you send your kid off to college. Yeah, it's a sad end to a period in your/their life but it's ultimately necessary and for the best.

There's a lot of history and my life involved with broadcasting and it feels like a legitimate thing I'm mourning but I know the next stage of my professional life will have just as much to provide as radio and broadcasting did. That said, I haven't ruled out some other 'broadcast' type of thing like a Youtube channel where I review stuff or provide commentary on things (movies, news, etc.) I know I'm a little 'all over the place' here but it's a little 'stream of consciousness' on this one so forgive me if I'm just kind of blasting stuff as they fall out of my brain and into my fingers. This is a little emotional for me, CUT ME SOME SLACK! 😉 So, thanks to everyone who tuned into the show, chatted with us, called us on the phone and just genuinely enjoyed what we did on the airwaves/stream. Here's to the next step. Here's to old doors closing and new ones opening up. Thank you for abiding my sadness.

Thursday August 11th, 2022
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