Creativity Shmeativity
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Well congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs. Their 2nd title in 4 years, cementing Pat Mahomes as one of the greatest and possible heir-apparent to Tom Brady. Great game with not too much controversy. Halftime performance was what it was. meh. I'd like to, however, talk about the Super Bowl commercials. As has been the trend, there wasn't an ...

Everyone's gonna get it
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Well, it happened. After 2+ years of staying indoors, steaming mail, hundreds (thousands?) of dollars in food and grocery delivery fees and not seeing another human in-person we FINALLY got COVID-19. Due to our youngest, Mabel’s genetic disorder, we played things definitely on the ‘better safe than sorry’ side of the equation. After at least 3 hospital ...

voice123 is stinky now
I mean COME ON!
Written by: | Posted on: | Category: used to be a decent moneymaker for me as a voice actor. But over the past couple years, not so much. Was I not auditioning much? Were the jobs that were available all dried up now? No and no. They changed their algorithm. BOY, did they change their algorithm. It's become a convoluted mess of clients ...

I'm a Fan
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I might have a voiceover man-crush. For a couple years, my youngest, Mabel, has her 3 or so cartoons that she'll only watch. One of them is "Let's Go Luna!" which airs on PBS. We've recorded at least 80 of these episodes and 1 christmas episode of the show. In the ...

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