Moose three new agencies
Welcome aboard
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Stoked to mention that I have new representation in my voiceover career.

As you may know (or not) already that I'm represented by NV Talent in the midwest.

Now, I'm pumped to say that I'm represented in the New York area by Innovative ...

Savings For Podcasters
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Look, I love me some audio gear. When I saw Neumann came out with their version of an audio interface I was like "EWWWW, How can I justify this purchase?" but then I saw the $1800 price tag and quickly pivoted to "EWWWW, That'a s ...

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An ad that creatively gets the main point of their message across with immediate hook at the start and a well thought out execution of the main selling point.

Help me, I'm Marketing-Poor!
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When I set out to on this Voice over quest a while ago I naively thought I'd be voicing stuff and....that's it. But nooo there's more to it than that. It's mostly marketing, I've come to find. Now, I figured there'd be a little marketing involved but it feels like I'm doing more marketing than recording my voice into software to send off to a client. Especially ...

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