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studiobricks one xxl
New studio's a-comin!
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I made the plunge! I bought a Studiobricks vocal booth. For years, I've had a makeshift setup (Blanket Fort Productions!) that worked pretty well for my needs but as time has progressed, I've booked more work and this has become my full-time job as of 2020, I needed to finally make that next step in the voiceover process. So I purchased a Studiobricks ...

Going back to the old job?
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And the 'Baby' mentioned in the title, is me.

So for those who don't know, I used to be in radio for 25+ years. Up until October 2020 I had enjoyed a pretty successful career behind the mic, entertaining audiences, having a blast. That is, until some a$$hole decided my time was done at my long-term radio station. Story for another time.

Anyway, ...

This Blog is Rated 'E' For Everyone
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I love kids. You love kids (maybe). We ALL love kids, right? Yes. This isn't about the inherent joy brought about by kids. This is about kids in advertising and commercials. Kids are sometimes necessary for selling products. Hell, there'd be no toy industry without kids in commercials. But when they're not necessary in commercials is when they're ...

"Hi friend. Hope you're having super-funtime-day!"
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I like to reach out to friends (old and new) and occassionally just ask them how they're doing. After years of being frustrated that this doesn't happen to me, I've accepted the fact that this is just kind of a 'me' thing. Which explains why maybe I don't hear back from some of these people I contact. Maybe my actual good intent has been bastardized ...

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