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red chevy blazer
"Bass! How low can you go?"
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I'm sure you know what the "POS" stands for!

So there's a red Chevy Blazer that always drives by around 230/3pm on my street.

Why is this notable you ask?

Well, it's mostly because this Blazer is ALWAYS cranking the most bassiest of bass music you've ever heard.

Whether the dead cold of winter or the blazing ...

YouToubuler, Dude!
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I wasn't really in the market for new headphones. Especially at the price point for these babies but I came across a great deal and snatched them up. Here's my review of the Austrian Audio Hi-x60 headphones.

studiobricks one xxl
New studio's a-comin!
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I made the plunge! I bought a Studiobricks vocal booth. For years, I've had a makeshift setup (Blanket Fort Productions!) that worked pretty well for my needs but as time has progressed, I've booked more work and this has become my full-time job as of 2020, I needed to finally make that next step in the voiceover process. So I purchased a Studiobricks ...

NV Talent logo
Big News
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Pleased to officially announce that I've signed with NV Talent out of Chicago for commercial voiceover work.

Mary Kay and everyone have been super helpful and nice and bringing me on board and I'm looking forward to a fruitful relationship with NV.

Here's the first of what will hopefully be many projects ...

Come LEARN with Meeee!!
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Finally got my elearning demo together!

Please check it out here

Lemme know in the comments what you think? Would YOU hire this person to voice your slides, demo video, curriculum or anything else that may require some guidance?

Well, isn't that nice
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Usually to get work, you have to try. I was fortunate to get work the other day without doing a damn thing. Now, to be clear, I TRIED in February when I did a job for them but a client hit me up saying they needed me again for a video and hired me outright. No audition. No marketing needed. Just, 'hey, I got some work for you. Can you do it?' The ...

Movies! Movies! Movies!
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I voiced some movie trailers. From Comedy to Fantasy to Horror. They're all on my youtube page or you can watch them all here. Check back as I'll be doing some more.

morning Moose logo
Sad Face
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Sad face today. Tonight will be the last show for 'The Morning Moose Show.' The Twitch version is ending after the terrestrial radio version ended in October 2020. This COULD be the end of my 25+ ...

First time for everything!
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I had a job interview for a voice job.

That's NEVER happened before. Usually it works like this... You get an audition, you do the audition, they either hire you or hire someone else. But this happened very unexpectedly. The client contacted me through backstage.com (a site for actors and casting call jobs) and said they really liked my voice ...

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