Everyone's gonna get it
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Well, it happened. After 2+ years of staying indoors, steaming mail, hundreds (thousands?) of dollars in food and grocery delivery fees and not seeing another human in-person we FINALLY got COVID-19. Due to our youngest, Mabel’s genetic disorder, we played things definitely on the ‘better safe than sorry’ side of the equation. After at least 3 hospital ...

voice123 is stinky now
I mean COME ON!
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Voice123.com used to be a decent moneymaker for me as a voice actor. But over the past couple years, not so much. Was I not auditioning much? Were the jobs that were available all dried up now? No and no. They changed their algorithm. BOY, did they change their algorithm. It's become a convoluted mess of clients ...

I'm a Fan
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I might have a voiceover man-crush. For a couple years, my youngest, Mabel, has her 3 or so cartoons that she'll only watch. One of them is "Let's Go Luna!" which airs on PBS. We've recorded at least 80 of these episodes and 1 christmas episode of the show. In the ...

So THAT'S pretty cool
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Kinda. Though I narrated the audiobook version and that version is almost through the Amazon/ACX approval process, I just found out the most recent book I narrated, "The Ultimate Serial Killer Trivia Book," is the Amazon #5 seller in books! That's pretty cool, right? I thought so. You can order the book here ...

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