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YouToubuler, Dude!
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Here's my review of the new 'Flexbar' from Royer Labs. They make some of the best ribbon microphones around and now they've got a revolutionary piece of gear for mic'ing up instruments....or voice booths?

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Just the...nevermind.
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I'm not Ear Nose and Throat doc but I have a COUPLE tips for getting your 'pipes' warmed up. Here's one of 'em!

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On A Personal Note
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It's been almost 6 months since Dad passed away. It was really hard in the beginning but got better as time went on. I suddenly found myself not getting teared-up when thinking about the man who raised me, taught me, nurtured me, and loved me. It's seemingly been longer NOT crying about Dad then actually shedding tears. But I found myself just yesterday ...

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New studio's a-comin!
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I made the plunge! I bought a Studiobricks vocal booth. For years, I've had a makeshift setup (Blanket Fort Productions!) that worked pretty well for my needs but as time has progressed, I've booked more work and this has become my full-time job as of 2020, I needed to finally make that next step in the voiceover process. So I purchased a Studiobricks ...

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