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I'm sure you know what the "POS" stands for!

So there's a red Chevy Blazer that always drives by around 230/3pm on my street.

Why is this notable you ask?

Well, it's mostly because this Blazer is ALWAYS cranking the most bassiest of bass music you've ever heard.

Whether the dead cold of winter or the blazing brow-sweatiness of summer, this dude is driving by with his rusted out fenders, CRANKING that big-ass bass.

I would venture to say that this person probably spent more on their sound system (especially subwoofer) than they did on their BLAZER!

And when you're a voice actor, trying to nail auditions or in the middle of a session with a client, you DON'T want that booty-shakin' bass to be disrupting your 'mic vibe!'

Now, to be honest, he hasn't really been a problem for me. It's mostly just annoying.

But I know that someday his low frequency vibes will be crossing paths with my pristine audio needs someday in the future.

And THAT'S when 'how low can you go' will turn into 'ah hell no, to the low!'

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