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When I set out to on this Voice over quest a while ago I naively thought I'd be voicing stuff and....that's it. But nooo there's more to it than that. It's mostly marketing, I've come to find. Now, I figured there'd be a little marketing involved but it feels like I'm doing more marketing than recording my voice into software to send off to a client. Especially now during the slow winter months. Quick update: January through most of 1st quarter in a year is pretty slow for VO work. Anyway... I feel like I spend more time during the day cold-emailing companies and production houses letting them know about my voice over services. 9 times out 10, there's no reply back. But that's what you gotta do, right? Plant your flag and let anyone who might be able to pay you KNOW about your flag. It's part-n-parcel with being a business, isn't it? Necessary task in hopes of maybe getting some awareness on your product. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go tippitty-tap out some miggidity-marketing gold!

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