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I find myself paying attention to the commercials more these days. Maybe it's because of my radio background (I wrote and produced a lot of spots) or maybe it's because I do commercial voice over but I find myself almost analyzing commercials on TV and (when I listen to radio) on radio as well. This ad from Apple for their new Apple Airpods Pro 2 wireless earbuds.

I'm sure I don't have to explain to you any more about the product other than what Apple and their agency are trying to sell you here. And that is: noise cancellation!. To be more specific, their NEW AND IMPROVED noise cancellation. From the start of the spot you're intrigued by the construction worker with the jackhammer floating on a slab of earth and concrete. It's a great moment of 'what the hell is going on here?' BOOM, you're in! And then it proceeds with the our protagonist walking through the noisy environment (getting a coffee? Picking up a rare sink fixture? Who knows!) not even batting an eye at all the audio distractions (traffic, dogs barking, kids and noisemakers, etc.) because they're all floating ABOVE and out of her auditory space. It's great symbolism of showing how those earbuds can cancel out all that noise (rises up above her) and allow her to enjoy the cover of the Pixies 'Where Is My Mind?' on her awesome Apple Airpods Pro 2. Better yet, they show you the difference between what it's like with the noise cancellation on and off. Dichotomy!

The basics are all covered here. A great opening hook (guy floating with the jackhammer) intriguing visuals and messages to keep you watching (stuff floating in the air) and then the payoff (just how good they kill the noise when we see the difference between on and off). Great CGI work and a cool cover song that fits the message: 'Where is my mind?' Definitely not on that dog barking!)

I'm sure most people outside of ad creatives and I don't think about these things but I like to acknowledge when a spot really checks all the boxes. When a commercial really gets your attention and, bonus, really spells out what they're trying to sell. At the very least, it looks cool.

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