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I happened to search Facebook Marketplace for 'Whisper Room,' which, if you didn't know, is a manufacturer of sound isolation booths (VO booth, for our purposes here). To my pleasant surprise, there was one listed in the Des Moines area where I live. Wow! That NEVER happens. The post was kind of older but I thought, 'they probably sold it but forgot to take the listing down but, meh, let's ask if it's available. Lo and behold, It was! But my excitement at possibly getting a true VO booth, from someone just a few miles away from me, quickly deflated when I engaged in the conversation.

Okay. Going fine so far. Let's see what he says about the model number....

"Don't know?!" What do you mean, 'don't know?' And how is ME coming to look gonna magically make the model number appear? Is he supposing that I'm the great model finder (not the Leo Dicaprio kind)? Or that if I come look at it, the Whisper Room all-light-endowing entity will bequeath a model number upon the room's visage? Dude! Okay. At this point I figure that Whisper Room doesn't have 329 different models so if he can give me some dimensions I can correlate that with the price to get a good idea of which model he has. And, as far as dimensions, his answer was?....

Jesus Fernando Christ. A couple of things here...

  1. Who doesn't have a tape measure? My oldest kid had one by the time she was three. CERTAINLY a grown man would have a tape measure, ruler, average sized shoe, SOMETHING to estimate length and size.
  2. Why wouldn't you go to dollar general, fork out $4.50 for a cheapie tape measure? That doesn't seem like a bad investment on a possible $4,000 sale. Right?
  3. At LEAST just stand up against it and figure the difference between it and your height ( you DO know how f'ing tall you are, right?) to give a ballpark on it.

I don't get people sometimes. To me, this is an easy situation: You have something you want to sell and you could get a lot of money for it but you don't want to put in even the least amount of work to get it sold. oy vey! Now I'm not surprised that he hasn't sold it. Maybe if he's more stupid than lazy I can offer $100 for it. At this rate I genuinely feel like he'd reply with, "What's a money?"

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