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I made the plunge! I bought a Studiobricks vocal booth. For years, I've had a makeshift setup (Blanket Fort Productions!) that worked pretty well for my needs but as time has progressed, I've booked more work and this has become my full-time job as of 2020, I needed to finally make that next step in the voiceover process. So I purchased a Studiobricks One XXL. It should be delivered by this coming Wednesday (oh crap!) and it should be put together and full operational by the end of the month as I am currently in the middle of a couple projects.

Stay tuned to this post for updates!


It arrived.

The first thing the delivery guy said to me was, "I'm probably gonna need your help." In my mind I was thinking, 'the f**k you do! I paid for you guys to get it to me.' But, of course, wanting to get it to the front door and being a decent human, I said 'yep. Lemme get my gloves.' But really! Shouldn't a delivery company have the right amount of people to get the job done? Anyway, shout out to my neighbor Bryan who saw us struggling a little on the truck ramp and came over to help. Thanks Bryan!

The box was big.

About 8x4 feet. Delivery guy said basically it's cheaper to ship with 1 pallet. Hence the vertical orientation. That's a lot of stuff in there.

The house got a LITTLE cluttered.

one room Another room Annnd there were a couple more rooms that had pieces in it.

The First Piece is Laid Down For Install

First Layer is Almost In

Got A Little 'Help' From Dad

That little radio off to the left was the one my Dad had in his room at the Veteran's Home. He'd tune in every morning to listen to a bit of my morning radio show (when I had one). My Dad was lucid during my better years in voicework so this little 'token' of him really meant a lot to me.

And We're Done!



Here's a quick video of me and the wife who helped out immensely. Turns out 'Mom muscles' is a real thing!

As of this writing (Nov 20, 2023) I won't be able to record in it as I'm currently in the middle of a couple projects and don't want to 'change midstream.' I'll post back when I finally get to record in the new booth.

Update: December 2023 Booth is all hooked up, old setup is gone. Systems are go!

View of my whole 'VO area' including the booth and editing station.

Here's my editing station where I can step out of the booth and do some cuttin-and-a-producin' from the comfort of my orange chair.

And inside the booth.

For perspective, here's what my setup was like before the Studiobricks.

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