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You're doing too much.

No, really.

It seems like we all think we can take on everything that has to be in our purview.

But mostly, we're failing.

Multi-tasking is a falacy. It's something we tell ourselves to make up for the singular things that we SHOULD be doing but aren't taking the time to do it.

Or maybe it's because we have these little computers in our hands that almost scream out to us to 'do more!'...'order this while googling THAT!'

The fact remains that we don't multitask well. Yeah, there are apps that can help but the bottom line is that we aren't built to multi-task. Of course, I'm not talking about mundane stuff like talking on the phone while making coffee. I'm talking about doing multiple projects concurrently:

  • Editing a long audio file while fielding marketing emails
  • Talking with your kid's swim coach on the phone while photoshopping a thumbnail for your youtube video
  • And so on....and so on.

Experts have proven that we're not good at multitasking. And, not to pat myself on the back, but I've always thought that you (and me) aren't good at multi-tasking, we're good at doing multiple things only average.

Sure there are instances where you successfully order the right color markers for that special mother's day card you're making while getting the spreadsheet up to snuff but, more often than not, one of those things is gonna suffer.

Usually both.

So what's the point?

The point is to slow down, focus on one thing at a time and schedule out the rest.
For myself, I will turn my monitor off so that I can have my attention 100% on the person I'm chatting with. Yeah, I fail sometimes. I've been caught by my tele-health therapist looking at something on my browser. We all fall short, right? But make an effort to give each and every task your 100% attention while maybe setting a reminder for later on that other stuff.

Otherwise, you're not even giving that one task your 50%!

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