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I like to reach out to friends (old and new) and occassionally just ask them how they're doing. After years of being frustrated that this doesn't happen to me, I've accepted the fact that this is just kind of a 'me' thing. Which explains why maybe I don't hear back from some of these people I contact. Maybe my actual good intent has been bastardized by 'no-good-nicks' who assume the identity of someone in your contact book so they can throw the 'swindle noose' around you. To summarize, I'll occasionally think of someone and just randomly send them a text or email saying ' Hey [NAME], how are you doing? Things good?' Sometimes I'll get a response back but recently I sent this sort of thing to a friend this past November (2022) and then again a couple months later. After not hearing back from this friend (it looked like he was ghosting me) I fought back my assumption that he was being an a$$hole or I pissed him off somehow (I didn't) and asked him 'Dude, you okay? Haven't heard back from you in a while.' Eventually he text me back.


We got on the phone after that and caught up for a good 45 minutes and it was all fine. He says he thought I was some scammer and that it was unheard of for someone to just text another something along the lines of 'hey, how ya doing?' I contested that that's what friendly people do. Looking back, I guess I could have personalized it more to make it sound more like an actual person he knows. I just HATE that that's the world we live in now. It's possible for someone to essentially kidnap your phone number or email and seem plausibly like a person you know and trust. Only to find out it's not your buddy but some douchknuckle in Islamabad trying to get you to buy them amazon gift cards or something. The lesson here? Don't be nice or give a shit, I guess ; )

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