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I recently had a session with my therapist and was venting about all the things going on I had to make decisions for.

Between the usual kid stuff, house crap, and extra life pop-ups like planning a surprise birthday for my wife, I was really feeling worn out from having to decide on things.

I know, I know: "that's life...suck it up....[insert reductive comment here]...etc." and usually I can deal with it but for a week or two it seemed like everything was happening all at once and I kept having to make decisions and MORE DECISIONS.

This was wearing me out.

Turns out, that's a thing. It's called 'Decision Fatigue.' And it's something that can actually happen where:

"the more decisions a person makes over the course of a day, the more physically, mentally and emotionally depleted they become"

I was, as the link mentions, extremely overwhelmed. Maybe it's related to the multitasking I mentioned in a previous blog post but it's defnitely real.

I've never experienced that before in my life. I think part of the issue is that a few of the decisions I had to make were regarding the wife's party as well as her mother's day stuff. Obviously, I couldn't vent to her about those two things so I stuffed 'em down until I talked with my therapist. Should have maybe journaled about that, I guess.


Decision Fatigue is real. My advice, journal that stuff if you can't talk to somebody about it and get you a good therapist.

But not mine.

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