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So THAT'S pretty cool
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Kinda. Though I narrated the audiobook version and that version is almost through the Amazon/ACX approval process, I just found out the most recent book I narrated, "The Ultimate Serial Killer Trivia Book," is the Amazon #5 seller in books! That's pretty cool, right? I thought so. You can order the book here ...

cough! cough!
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Not THAT kind of 'tool,'....perv.

I'm a voice actor. My main tool is my voice. So what happens when your tool doesn't work anymore? Or isn't working at 100%?

That's where I find myself at the moment as I've been dealing with a cough for the last 2 weeks. Coughing is one of the worst ...

Come LEARN with Meeee!!
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Finally got my elearning demo together!

Please check it out here

Lemme know in the comments what you think? Would YOU hire this person to voice your slides, demo video, curriculum or anything else that may require some guidance?

Well, isn't that nice
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Usually to get work, you have to try. I was fortunate to get work the other day without doing a damn thing. Now, to be clear, I TRIED in February when I did a job for them but a client hit me up saying they needed me again for a video and hired me outright. No audition. No marketing needed. Just, 'hey, I got some work for you. Can you do it?' The ...

Movies! Movies! Movies!
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I voiced some movie trailers. From Comedy to Fantasy to Horror. They're all on my youtube page or you can watch them all here. Check back as I'll be doing some more.

They do that too
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Look for more videos but I thought I'd share at least one of the videos I'm voicing for Vonage.

First time for everything!
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I had a job interview for a voice job.

That's NEVER happened before. Usually it works like this... You get an audition, you do the audition, they either hire you or hire someone else. But this happened very unexpectedly. The client contacted me through (a site for actors and casting call jobs) and said they really liked my voice ...

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