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The Rates Are Too Damn LOW!
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Let's talk about rates. More specifically the 'race to the bottom.'

This is something that I'm seeing in the P2P sites. Your, voice123, etc. Most of the 'pay to play sites.'

In the world of voiceover there's Union and Non-Union voice work. For this posting I'm only going to be talking about non-union as those posting UNION ...

"I am a voice actor. Bleep. Blorp."
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As I write this, the big tech buzzword in most industries is "AI (Artificial Intelligence)." And voice over is no different. I've listened to a couple podcasts, watched a couple YouTube videos, read a couple articles and blogs on AI and voice over and what it means to the actors who populate the talent ranks. Currently the ability of Artificial ...

Help me, I'm Marketing-Poor!
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When I set out to on this Voice over quest a while ago I naively thought I'd be voicing stuff and....that's it. But nooo there's more to it than that. It's mostly marketing, I've come to find. Now, I figured there'd be a little marketing involved but it feels like I'm doing more marketing than recording my voice into software to send off to a client. Especially ...

voice123 is stinky now
I mean COME ON!
Written by: | Posted on: | Category: used to be a decent moneymaker for me as a voice actor. But over the past couple years, not so much. Was I not auditioning much? Were the jobs that were available all dried up now? No and no. They changed their algorithm. BOY, did they change their algorithm. It's become a convoluted mess of clients ...

I'm a Fan
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I might have a voiceover man-crush. For a couple years, my youngest, Mabel, has her 3 or so cartoons that she'll only watch. One of them is "Let's Go Luna!" which airs on PBS. We've recorded at least 80 of these episodes and 1 christmas episode of the show. In the ...

Not a 'Prince from Nairobi' but...
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Scams happen in every walk of life, every industry, all over the place. Even in the voiceover world. Sometimes there are auditions that seem a little off or a questionable email comes your way looking to hire you for a gig that requires you to go to a local studio. I just went through one myself. But the question is...what is it ACTUALLY a scam?

Here's ...

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