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I'm indecisive about this post
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I recently had a session with my therapist and was venting about all the things going on I had to make decisions for.

Between the usual kid stuff, house crap, and extra life pop-ups like planning a surprise birthday for my wife, I was really feeling worn out from having to decide on things.

I know, I know: "that's life...suck it ...

"No please, no more!"
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You're doing too much.

No, really.

It seems like we all think we can take on everything that has to be in our purview.

But mostly, we're failing.

Multi-tasking is a falacy. It's something we tell ourselves to make up for the singular things that we SHOULD be doing but aren't taking the time to do it.

Or maybe it's ...

ghost with sunglasses
No, it's not the sequel to the Patrick Swayze movie
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DEF: The act or practice of abruptly cutting off all contact with someone (such as a former romantic partner) usually without explanation by no longer accepting or responding to phone calls, instant messages, etc.

Probably one of the worst words I've ever heard outside of 'nepotism.' I hate....HATE ...

Kiss Me, I'm Fake Irish
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Fellow voice actors, we need to talk about accents.

Many times an audition will come up and the client will be looking for an Irish accent or an Australian accent, Boston/Harvard, whatevuh.

Chances are you think you can nail it.

Sure, just go to Youtube, watch a couple videos and you're good, right?


Look, I've ...

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