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I might have a voiceover man-crush. For a couple years, my youngest, Mabel, has her 3 or so cartoons that she'll only watch. One of them is "Let's Go Luna!" which airs on PBS. We've recorded at least 80 of these episodes and 1 christmas episode of the show. In the Christmas episode (movie?) there's a character named 'Salami Strong' who's a circus strongman/crocodile character. Now, I've seen and heard this character sparingly before on previous episodes but on the Christmas episode, he stuck out in a good way. There's some definite great voice acting going on with this character and the choices the actor makes are great. I LOVE the sudden pitch changes he makes within even a sentence. And I think I have a "VO Man-Crush" on the actor who pays him, Paul Braunstein He also voices the purveyor of the circus the characters operate out of but when he does this 'Salami Strong' character, I am ENAMORED! Not only the choices he made with Salami but the fact that Dude can legit sing, too. Like, operatic singing. I can't find the clips from the Christmas special but here's a sample of him doing the character.

I know this sounds bordering on stalking but if anyone knows how to get in touch with him, I'd just like to pass along how great a job he's doing on the show and that as a voiceactor myself, it's encouraging to me and pushes me to up my game.

Kudos to a great voice performance, Paul. Oh, and he was in 2011's "The Thing":

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