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For those that don't know already, I have a YouTube Channel where I post videos of work I've done for clients. Let me point out that I have almost no input into the script or concept of the project. Occasionally, they'll ask me during a session, 'You got any suggestions here, Moose?' And I'll throw in a couple lines that came across my widdle brain but for the most part what you hear in the video is the script that was written by the client/agency/ad firm. Bottom line: if there's a problem with the content or if you don't like the visuals on the screen or the words coming out of my mouth there is absolutely NOTHING I can do about it. That's why it was so funny to see a negative comment on a video I posted, to my channel for a product/service I voiced. It was the 'Hangry' spot for Amazon Fresh.

A spot that, came out fantastic and, at the risk of patting myself on the back, a spot I think I did a pretty good job on. But one internet troll thought otherwise.

Xbalanque84 wrote:

Whoever wrote this commercial, you should fire them. This rivals the TikTok Invisalign commercials in terms of how annoying it is (seriously, who says "hangry" outside of Twitter posts?), a fact which is only reinforced by how often YouTube forces me to sit through it. The fact that the "chef" in this ad is an androgynous doughboy with terminal soy poisoning only further puts me off, as I want nothing to do with such naked weakness. This one obnoxious commercial has guaranteed that I will never make use of your service.

I'll hold off on firing anyone for now (because I can't and won't) but I do have some thoughts.

Am I mad? No. Not even the slightest because their comments have nothing to do with what I did. Look, I get that their annoyance comes from the same place that everybody feels when an ad is playing. It's delaying him/her from watching their 'Epic Beer Can Fails' or whatever video so they're tweaked about it. I guess I'm different in that I actually enjoy a well-crafted advertisement. Maybe it's because I know the work and effort that goes into every commercial but I think we ALL have this instinctual reaction to get a little 'grrr' when an ad comes on during a video/show we're enjoying. Some of us appreciate a good piece of work. Some of us just wanna watch the terminally soy poisoned world burn, I guess.

PS...If you have a link to the Tik Tok Invisalign commercial, please put it in the comments below. PPS...Please don't reply to the troll's comment on the youtube channel.

Friday June 10th, 2022
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