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Commercial Demo


This and MOST of the audio and video are examples
of BOOKED work. Click here!

About Me

I'm an American voice actor/voiceover artist/whatever who's been voicing projects from local and national commercials, AAA video games, e-learning, corporate videos and more for over 20 years. Turning around your project quickly and with the broadcast quality audio is the highest priority. Most of what you'll find in the demos and videos are actual booked projects I've voiced. Any questions, please feel free to reach out with any method on the 'contact' page.

  • 'Zoom-like' connected software
  • Source Connect Standard (paid)
  • Studiobricks One XXL Vocal Booth
  • Sennheiser 416 microphone
  • Townsend Labs L22 sphere microphone
  • Apollo Twin interface
  • Apple Mac Mini M1
  • Reaper DAW
  • Focusrite OctoPre Channel Strip
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